I'm working on getting everything in tip top shape for the Big Bang Comeback on Feb. 29th. I've got the pages for the new album prepared, and I finally finished translating Since 2007 Vol. 1

I am currently working on the Special Edition 4.5 BB album, and have got just the two solos (Seungri & Daesung) left. I also hope to finish up the Se7en first mini album (Digital Bounce) before the album's release. If I can do that, I'll have translated 65 songs, and will have no missing information in my tabs. 

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do with all the artists up, and I'm hoping to expand to include more artists.
All Korean lyrics and Translations are up. Romanizations coming in the next few days.

I reformatted the Big Bang Vol. 1 lyrics to match the layout of the rest of the site.

Also, all romanizations are up for the album. Will hopefully get started on translations early next week.

Once I finish the album, I'll have translated 50 songs. Hooray!

Edit (7 p.m.)
Reformatted Se7en pages, updated Digital Bounce Album information.
Added Korean Lyrics for the rest of Digital Bounce. Romanizations tomorrow. Translations after I finish BB Vol. 1
I finally effing finished the damn GD&TOP album. Took me long enough, right?

On to Big Bang's first album?

Also, if anyone does happen to read this, and is fluent in Korean/English, and you wanted to help me out with translations, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at reallywally@gmail.com

I'm hoping to eventually get some 2ne1 content up (as well as B2ST, which besides YG artists is my most requested group)
I know nobody actually reads this, but anyways, I made some edits for easier navigation. I  reorganized the 2PM content, and added some additional information in a couple album sections.

I also added the translation of High High by GD&TOP and a new song, by Kim Gwang Seok, which I learned in my Korean class.

I hope that one day I will get to attend the song classes offered by Sogang and can learn some more songs that way...

I am also planning to restart more activity and get this site back to active in preparation for what I hope to be a busy YG year for us fans!
Edited Taeyang's information section.

Reformatted translations of Solar Album (each song now has it's own page to  make it easier to find)

Also Romanizations of GD/TOP's High High Album complete

Translation of GD's solo 어쩌란말이냐 completed

Information on Big Bang's 4th Mini-album posted.

Translations of Big Bang's Cafe & What is Right posted.

Lemme know what else needs fixing/improving/translating. I'm working on it! ^^
Big news! I finished the lyrics translation for Don't Stop Can't Stop. The lyrics for the last three songs were surprisingly easy. Sorry, I'm not posting the remixes, because I think they are pretty much the same.

Now it's on to Se7en, and maybe then I'll get Big Bang on there too! I've gotten back into the groove of translating. This is fun.

Bear with me as I get more or less busy.

OMG I am soooooo sorry that I have been away for so long. It's hard doing all these translations. I got a little burned out doing the Solar album so quickly. I will finish Don't Stop Can't Stop by Friday (I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one).

Then, I am going to postpone Big Bang's volume 1 and try to post up the latet Se7en mini-album, Digital Bounce. It'd be great to get another YG artist on the page! ^_^ Plus, picture of Se7en? Yes, please!

Anyways, hopefully I'll get the Se7en stuff up and the special request for JYP's song up by the end of next week. Gah!

In the meantime, check out my review of Digital Bounce over at my main blog, www.reallywally.blogspot.com
아싸! Why? Well, because I officially finished the translations for 나만 바라봐 and 기도! I hope you can enjoy the very much because I worked very very hard on them. Up next: 2PM's Don't Stop Can't Stop Romanizations and Translations, plus Hangul for Big Bang's Since 2007 (Vol. 1)

Also, I'm working on a special request, a JYP song for a viewer. Thanks for the suggestion.

Remember, I'm happy to help you with translating the lyrics to any song you wish. If there are no available translations, it may take me a little while. Also, if you have links to Hangul lyrics, that would be really really helpful, so that way I don't have to search for them. Thaaaaaanks!!

I officially registered the domain www.reallykpop.com

Thanks www.godaddy.com for their easy domain purchasing.

Also, to Shannon at www.thegamedaygirls.com for making sure I do things the best way! Love it!