Welp, it's 1:30 a.m. I've been working on the site off and on since probably about 9 a.m. this morning. With the exception of a break to eat dinner and go to 교보 bookstore to pick up some Korean textbooks, Monsters Inc. (for my students), and but 2PM's mini-album Can't Stop Won't Stop.

I'm almost done with Taeyang's Solar album lyrics. It's been a rough start. Honestly, my Korean isn't very good, and so the translating is really really really slow. Hopefully it will get faster as I move along. The typing of Korean also is a pretty time-consuming process as I don't have the keyboard memorized yet, and because my vocabulary in Korean still isn't very high so spell check is a constant issue. In fact, there are surely dozens of errors on my page already.

I've been listening to the Taeyang album almost constantly and the songs are constantly rotating through my head, a new song's hook getting stuck in my brain's melody every hour or so. Top 3: Breakdown, Superstar and I Need a Girl.

Anyways, That's pretty much all I've got. Will be posting more when I have more free time, which will probably be never. Did I mention I also work somewhere in the ball park of 45-50 hours/week, plus attend Korean classes 6 hours/week, plus I have another blog and a youtube channel that I work on constantly as well? Well, that's all true, so forgive me for things being slow.

I promise as I have more free time (HELLLLLOOOOOOOO SUMMER!) I will update more and more. I'm hoping to get all of the Big Bang albums up before their comeback at the end of August. A lofty goal, but one I hope I can reach. ^_^



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